“Liberté, égalité, fraternité” (“liberty, equality, fraternity”) was only one amongst many of the mottos of the French Revolution and certainly its most famous one. Echoing the ideas of the Enlightenment, the French Revolution is traditionally seen as the historical end and culmination of the Age of Enlightenment. 

Assuming that a “New Enlightenment” could spark a new “revolution” in a peaceful sense leading to a change of minds and a change of hearts, which ideals would be at the spearhead of such a “revolution”?

UNITY, DIVERSITY, SOLIDARITY – reinforcing the official motto of the European Union, “united in diversity”, we firmly believe in unity in pursuit of the common good. Diversity is a vital asset, not a liability. Our mutual commitment to diversity strengthens our unity. A wide horizon of ideas, diverse cultures and religions, different beliefs and opinions underscore our acknowledgement of each and every individual. Solidarity is the practical implication of upholding human dignity.

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