Seminar Week


After expert consultation, the EFA Association decided that in regards to the Scholarship Programme, a participation of scholarship holders living outside of Austria would be very difficult to realise. Hence, the Seminar Week and the Scholarship Programme will not take place in the way we used to know it. Instead, we are going to make use of the opportunity to offer a variety of digitally accessible events which will take place all over the world and will be organised by the international Forum Alpbach Network.

However, we are not digitalising the Seminar Week because the particular kind of learning the Seminar Week usually offers relies a lot more on direct personal interaction between people than most of our other events.

The official presentation of this year’s programme launch will take place on July 7th, 2020. You will receive detailed information on the opportunity to participate in this year’s forum digitally.

Here you find the official statement concerning the European Forum Alpbach 2020 and the corona crisis.

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