Information for POL applicants

Perspectives on EU enlargement (August 25 or 27, 2018, afternoon)

We are looking for young experts aged under 35 specialising on EU enlargement and/or the Western Balkan region to be part of a panel discussion on new perspectives on EU enlargement:

  • Are you below 35 and are you from either Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, or Serbia? Would you like to share your views on potential EU accession of your country? What do you expect from the EU enlargement? What do you think will be the added value of your countries to the EU?

  • Are you below 35 and are you from either Croatia or Slovenia? Would you like to share your knowledge and experiences about how EU enlargement has affected your life and your country? What are the consequences from EU enlargement? These can be issues that emerged (e.g. emigration) or positive changes (e.g. political stability and economic development).

  • Young experts who have worked or conducted in-depth research on the these issues but are not from the above-mentioned countries may nonetheless apply to join the discussions.

If you have either professional or academic experience with regard to EU enlargement and  would like to share your views on the topic, please send us your CV and please describe your views and answers on the above questions as well as your expertise and why you would qualify as a young expert (approx. 500 words). Please apply here.

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