Housing – EFA 2020

Dear Clubs/IGs!

As there have been misunderstandings in the past year, we ask you to fill out this form regarding housing during the EFA 2020. Our aim is to provide the EFA association a list of accommodations they will not request for their needing (staff/guests/international scholarship holders). Therefore, we need some detail information. Please be fair and only submit the number of beds/rooms you really use/need. Otherwise the EFA association will not be able to cooperate with us on this topic.

Name of Club/IG:*
Contact E-Mail of Club/IG:
Do you use more than one accommodation?*
Address of your accommodation:*
Name of the house
Number of beds:*
Did you book the same accommodation in 2019? If not, which accommodations did you book in 2019?:*
Are there other parties staying at your accommodation? If yes, who (e.g. other Clubs/IGs, scholarship holders, ...):
Are there any other informations/remarks/notes you want us to know?

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