FAN Spring-Conference Graz 2016

Registration Deadline: 21st of February 12 pm (CET)

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Travel reimbursement

If you need travel reimbursement, please state your expected travel costs and how much support you will need. Please explain why you think that you are entitled to receive financial support. As the budget for reimbursement is limited, we can not ensure, that all your travel costs will be reimbursed. The conference organization team will decide together with the FAN board on your application for travel reimbursement after the registration deadline. If you have any further questions, please contact Antonia (

Expected travel costs:
Support you will need:

General Information

Please transfer the participation fee of 70 € to the account of Club Alpbach Steiermark (IBAN: AT422081500000900316, BIC: STSPAT2GXXX) to complete your registration (the participation fee does not depend on your mode of accommodation in Graz). Please use the following reference for your bank transfer: “Graz16 [Last Name], [First Name]”.

The participation fee covers the accommodation and breakfast in Hotel Mariahilf on a double room basis (Thursday to Sunday), lunch and dinner on Friday and Saturday, a small lunch on Sunday, coffee breaks, social programme on Saturday (Trip) and any conference material.

For general questions in regard to visa please address yourself to Katharina Okulski ( For any other questions feel free to contact Antonia Schirgi (

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