Further Events EFA 2019

It is not only the FAN Committee who’s hosting events at the EFA 2019. Many Clubs and Initiative Groups are planning public events during their stay in Alpbach. In addition, there are further events hosted by various organisations.
With the following list, we want to give you a short overview about what happens within and besides the official program of the European Forum Alpbach and the FAN Committee program.


Oxford, Harvard und Co. – Study at your dream university with Project Access

Date: 17.08.2019

Time: 18:30

Place: Feuerwehrhütte

Ever dreamed about studying at Oxford, Cambridge or other top tier universities but thought you did not stand a chance? Project Access, a global NGO operating in 20 countries worldwide, aims to reduce inequality of education and encourages students to apply to top universities. Considering that educational achievement is often passed on from parents to children depending on socioeconomic background, our long-term mission is to help students realise their full potential, especially students from working-class backgrounds.

Given that the lack of awareness and the lack of knowledge about the application process are often the biggest barriers to get into elite universities, particularly for young Austrian students, Project Access Austria will provide you with useful tips on how to make your application outstanding and how to access top universities in this interactive workshop.

No registration needed, just drop by!

Pub Quiz

Date: 17.08.2019

Time: 21:15 – 23:15

Place: Alphof

Home of the Trivia! Club Alpbach Burgenland invites you to a thrilling round of quizzing. Glory and Honour awaits you.

Receptions – Philips, BMBFW, LAW Symposium

Dates: several

Time and Place: several

There are open receptions, where you can just drop by, and closed ones. As every year, the FAN Committee has the opportunity to hand out tickets to several otherwise closed receptions. Please check the event descriptions on the App to find out which ones are closed or open.

The tickets will be given out randomly to all scholarship holders participating in the respective registration form. Please note, that you can only register for ONE of the receptions! Registration closes the day before each reception at 9 AM.

For participation in these events, registration is mandatory!  The seats will be raffled. Please register here.

Artists in Discourse: No Fear!

Date: 21.08.2019

Time: 9:30-13:00, 14:00-20:00

A group of artists hosted by Ruth Beckermann will delve into the general theme ‘Liberty & Security’. The dialogue will involve various different ways of speaking to all the senses, opening up new worlds of ideas and images and putting the audience in the thick of it – so expect some intense experiences! You can find more information here.

Ruth Beckermann is a writer and filmmaker who stands for political cinema. Her latest piece is the award-winning “Waldheim Waltz”.

We have a limited number of tickets available to be given out to scholarship holders and returners who have registered. Unfortunately, there are still seminars during the morning. Seminars are an integral part of the Alpbach experience – especially if it’s the first one – so we decided to open this event in the morning for returners only, and in the afternoon, first-time scholarship holders get priority.

For participation in this event, registration until August 18th, 12:00 noon is mandatory! First come, first serve! You can find the registration form here.

Journey to Swarovski Kristallwelten in Wattens

Date: 21.08.2019

Time: 12:45 – 19:00

Meeting Point: Busstation @ Hotel Böglerhof

Club Alpbach Tirol invites all participants to join them on their journey to the world-renowned “Swarovski Kristallwelten”, as well as to the manufactory, where you’ll be able to see all of the production steps in miniature format. Afterwards, you can visit Swarovski’s new and innovative Openspace “Campus 311”.

The bus journey is free! For more details, please contact swarovski@clubtirol.or.at.

Registration required! First come, first serve! Please register at swarovski@clubtirol.or.at.

Soccer Tournament

Date: 22.08.2019

Time: 9:00 – 13:00

Place: Sportanlage Alpbach

The traditional soccer tournament will be organised by Club Alpbach Niederösterreich and Club Alpbach Steiermark this year. The stakes are high – as always!

Sign up your team containing six or more players with mixed genders and at least one international scholarship holder via mail: events@club-alpbach.at.
Send us your team name, the name of your team captain including phone number and email address to register and stay in contact.

Please bring your own water bottle, there will be refill stations! #greenforum

We are also looking for referees to keep the game fair. Please also get in contact via mail: events@club-alpbach.at.

Alpbach 2119: Vernissage & Debate on Climate Change

Date: 26.08.2019

Time: 12:00 – 14:00

Place: Loggia

Alpbach is a picture-perfect paradise, and it’s hard to imagine this could change anytime soon. But it will. A photo exhibition showing how Alpbach’s landscape will look like in 100 years if we do not radically change our approach brings to life the devastating consequences of climate change. Join our discussion with climate experts about what can be done.

Give us two minutes of your time and ORF gives you two minutes on air!

The Austrian broadcasting service are here with their truck from good morning show „Guten Morgen Österreich”, which doubles up as a mobile television studio.
You are very much invited to be part of their project, and this is how it works:

You make an appearance and perform in the mobile television studio about this year’s Alpbach topic “liberty and security” and connect it with the topic “media”.  You can do almost anything: a poetry slam, act as a pantomime, give a statement, sing or hold a speech, act with your friends – anything goes, as long as you connect “liberty and security” with “media”.

Here are some of our ideas as an example: „Is freedom of press is still of value and what does it mean for me? Are we all safe in our filter bubbles? What is media literacy, and how do we obtain it? Are fake news a danger for our security, and how do we find out about them? Is there a future for papers, television and radio? Is there still a place for public service broadcasting like ORF in Austria?

Tell us about it, show us, act – and convince your audience!

We meet on Tuesday August 27th at 13.00 hrs in Alpbach at the „Guten Morgen Österreich” truck, directly at the parking of the “Hauptschule“.
You can sign up here:

Speakers’ Night

Date: 26.08.2019

Time: 20:30 – 22:00

Place: Congress Centrum Alpbach, Erwin Schrödinger Saal

Scholarship holders take to the stage at Club Alpbach Steiermark Speakers’ Night! Talented speakers will demonstrate their rhetorical skills as well as express their ideas and opinions. This year’s topic will be announced soon!

Registration required! The deadline for registration is August 20th at 11.59 pm. Please find more information and the registration link here.

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