European Forum Alpbach 2019


Wednesday, August 28th | 10:00 am





What is F/__RANS?



Ideal setting but days are set. Many days but daily plans. Stunning crowd but crowded Centre. A concrete idea or no idea at all?


The European Forum Alpbach 2019 offers you a program that is highly convincing in its variety, multidisciplinary and richness. On Mondays: workshops! Tuesdays: seminar! Wednesdays: panel! Thursdays: performance! It´s enlightening, overwhelming, exhausting.


But wait, what about you? The diversity amongst all scholarship holders guarantees a tremendous potential of ideas, creativeness and: new radical awesome stuff. But how and when to canalize all your potential? What´s needed is often forgotten: a break ___


FRANS? That´s the Festival of Radical Awesome New Stuff.


For one day, you can breathe in and breathe out. On #fransday take an extended break for a moment to reflect and exchange your thoughts with strangers. Have a coffee and rest or challenge yourself on the open-stage, tan in a sun lounger or find your soulmate ate the open-space, listen to others or share what needs to be shared! Or just meditate and relax.


Join us on #fransday and spill your bag with ideas.



  • FRANS is the Festival of Radical Awesome New Stuff
  • FRANS is a 1-day festival on Wednesday, August 28th, 2019 at the European Forum Alpbach (Tyrol, Austria)
  • FRANS takes place during the breakout sessions of ECON/the Economic Symposium at the Congress Centrum, the Hauptschule and other places around Alpbach
  • FRANS aims to gather international scholarship holders (~20-35 yrs.) who are motivated, progressive, creative and have some ideas to share or are open for new ideas
  • FRANS is a platform for the birth and development of regional and transregional projects
  • FRANS aims to foster dialogue and collaboration within Europe and beyond
  • FRANS offers open- and non-open stages, workshops, chill-out areas and much more
  • FRANS outcomes will be presented in the evening at the „Huge Stage of Ideas”





1. Unfucking Systems by Goran Maric (Three Coins, CEO)


Ever heard of an Endgame-Scenario? While “normal” ventures strive for huge multimillion-$ exits, Social Impact Ventures – besides juggling business and financials – strive for systemic change in order to solve societal and environmental problems. A mean to pave the path towards that goal are Endgame-Scenarios. This session is about understanding, acting and unfucking systems.




2. Yoga in the morning and forget perfection in the evening by Carla Apschner (Carlaviva)


Trust your gut – morning Yoga session


How to do your thing even when your inner and outer critics have a million reasons why you’re doing it wrong. In this workshop we will strengthen the connection to intuition and gut so you can better access your personal wisdom and guidance.How? Yoga of course 😉 (bring flexible clothing and a towel/mat). We’ll be doing lots of breathing exercises and a special meditation.


Forget perfection, embrace evolution – afternoon session


We’ve all heard that mistakes are a great way of learning and still we’re afraid of doing something wrong. In this workshop we will get to know a tool called biography work. We will work alone and in small groups to unearth the diamonds that come out of difficult times. We will discover: there’s no such thing as unnecessary detours or efforts that led to nothing.





3. From idea to execution: Starting a start-up by Teofil Shikov (Out2Bound, CEO)


Entrepreneurship is driving the world forward. The progress in our society is moved by the ideas, action and persistence of individuals who are not afraid to challenge the status quo. Doesn’t matter if you’re changing a single industry, city or a country – your new ideas to solve old problems could put you on the map of history. In this brief workshop I want to share my story – how and most important – why – I started my business and what are the lessons learned. As a bonus I’ll teach you a practical framework to measure where are you standing on the path to entrepreneurship.

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