European Forum Alpbach

The European Forum Alpbach (EFA) is an interdisciplinary platform for science, politics, business and culture. Established in 1945, the annual European Forum Alpbach and other events throughout the year address the relevant socio-political questions of our time.

The Forum connects international decision-makers from all sectors of society with an interested audience and committed young people. The goal is to create a dialogue across the generational, ideological and other lines that divide us.



The European Forum Alpbach took place for the first time in August 1945 as one of the earliest international political and intellectual events in post-WWII Europe. Its founders were Otto Molden, who had been active in the resistance movement during the Second World War, and philosophy lecturer Simon Moser from Innsbruck, as well as a number of other influential personalities. Alpbach was created as an intellectual platform of discussion where Europe’s cultural, scientific and humanitarian heritage could be developed in a future-oriented way and where European integration could be promoted.
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