FAN Committee

The FAN Committee is the Forum Alpbach Network’s main organizing body during the European Forum Alpbach. Each year, another Club/IG takes over this task. Volunteers from this Club/IG work the whole year to coordinate the FAN program at the European Forum Alpbach, which consists of more than 100 events including panel discussions, fire side talks, hikes, sport events, pub quiz and many more. The FAN Committee also brings in its own ideas to enrich the program even further.

In 2020, Club Alpbach Burgenland ( and Club Alpbach Styria ( are joining forces to act as FAN Committee – represented by Petra Eischer, Theresa Hörmann, Maryna Lakhno, Nicole Sattler, Kinga Schleicher, Julia Wlasak, Martin Absenger, and Stefan Rothbart. We are very much looking forward to making our ideas reality and providing you with inspiring and fun events at the Forum in Summer 2020. If you have questions or want to share any thoughts with us, please contact us via

About us:

FANC Chairwoman, Club Events, Room Booking

Petra is the FANCy spokeswoman and is responsible for club events and room booking. If she were an animal, Petra would be a boisterous blond lioness.

FANCy Fact: she spoke Latin before English.

Special Alpbach Moment: she was the first responder when the minister fainted.

Hallo, hello, salve, χαίρε, ¡Hola!, שלום.

International Evening

Kinga is (together with Maryna) responsible for the International Evening and organises the final concert. If Kinga were an animal, she would choose to be a sheep. She would be a happy fluffy heard animal.

FANCy Fact: Kinga likes to sing in the metro.

Special Alpbach Moment: Kinga is a founder of the Alpbach choir.

Hallo, hello, cześć, salut, 你, ciao

Sport, Culture, Charity

Julia is responsible for the sport, culture and charity events. If she was an animal, she would be a playful and cheerful dolphin.

FANCy Fact: Julia is called Julia because her birthday is on the 1st of July. Moreover, Julia is a water-polo player in the Austrian national team.

Special Alpbach Moment: Julia was accompanied by the Federal President to the opening of the Political Symposium.

Hallo, hello, salut, salve, ¡Hola!, dobar dan, مرحبا.

Technology, Sponsoring

Martin is responsible for technology and sponsoring. If he were an animal, he would be a cunning and smart arctic fox.

FANCy Fact: After all, you don’t travel to arrive, you travel to travel. A curious, passionate cook. Intrigued by culture, complexity, and out-of-the-box thinking.

Special Alpbach Moment: Lifelong, worldwide friendships, and curiosity triumphs.

Hallo, hello, salut, もしもし, ciao.

FANC Co-Chairman, Events, Charity, Sponsoring

Stefan is the co-spokesman and is responsible for events, charity and sponsoring. If he was an animal, Stefan would be an all-seeing and alert owl (never sleeps in Alpbach).

FANCy Fact: writes historical novels.

Special Alpbach Moment: no memories after Jakober.

Hallo, hello, salut, ciao, もしもし, 你好.

Fireside Chats, Campfire, 24h Reading

Theresa is responsible for the campfire and will, together with Julia, help organize the fireside chats by the campfire, as well as the 24 h reading. If she was an animal, she would be a crow, sailing the winds around mountains.

FANCy Fact: Theresa loves to make fire.

Special Alpbach Moment: Theresa shared a good portion of Zottahof’s ”Eierlikör” with her team from the trophy they won at the soccer tournament in 2018.

Hallo, hello, ciao, goeden tag, salut.

International Evening, International Scholarships

Maryna (together with Kinga) is responsible for the International Evening and is a spokesperson for the international scholarship holders. If she was an animal, Maryna would be a busy cosmopolitan bee.

FANCy Fact: Maryna speaks six languages (fluently 😊)

Special Alpbach Moment: Sunrise hikes.

Hello, hallo, ahoj, привет, привіт, ¡Hola!


Nicole is responsible for communication. Her friendly voice can be heard in our voicemail, in case the call is not answered. If she was an animal, Nicole would be a sun-kissed and an always having an overview stork from the Neusiedler See-Seewinkel National Park.

FANCy Fact: Nicole has never been on the top of the Gratlspitz.

Special Alpbach Moment: Discussed the abyss of Schlager music with Matthias Strolz.

Hallo, hello, szia, salut.

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