Forum Alpbach Network

“We foster youth and diversity at the European Forum Alpbach and beyond”


Our Mission

Our mission is to serve as a hub for Clubs, Initiative Groups and Alpbach Scholarship holders. We want to strengthen the European Idea by connecting people from different backgrounds and supporting them in their own projects.

  • We, the organizing board of the Forum Alpbach Network, are a group of young volunteers who believe in the unifying power of cultural and social exchange amongst young people from all around the world.
  • We connect and represent more than thirty clubs from all over Europe that are responsible for awarding more than 300 scholarships to the European Forum Alpbach each year.
  • We believe that only a young, diverse and critical Forum can realize its vision of creating intergenerational dialogue and supporting the idea of a peaceful and shared Europe.


Committed to Europe

Committed to Europe We are a network of young, motivated and diverse people, who share a passion for a democratic and peaceful Europe. We are a network whose roots were set at the European Forum Alpbach but which has grown out of Alpbach all over Europe. We are a network of youth-led initiatives, driven by the wish to contribute to society and to foster regional and international dialogue and cooperation. The Forum Alpbach Network was founded in Alpbach and commits itself to the same values as the European Forum Alpbach. Yet we are independent organizations, which are active in their societies throughout the year.

What is the Forum Alpbach Network?

We are a network of over 30 independent Clubs in over 20 countries, which were founded by former participants of the Forum. All of these are run by students and young professionals and are acknowledged as associate members of the European Forum Alpbach. Each of the Clubs organizes independently its scholarship programme and local activities throughout the year.

The clubs elect a board which coordinates common activities, sets up priorities for the network and represents FAN within the Forum’s bodies and the broader public. We also nominate young experts who bring in their expertise in the work of Advisory Committees. The effort of everyone involved is on a voluntary basis and highly motivation-driven.


What does FAN do?

FAN fosters regional and international dialogue and cooperation.
The European Forum Alpbach is famous for its ‘spirit’, where different approaches are welcome and collective solutions discussed. We bring this spirit to people outside of Alpbach and stimulate public debate through various events and activities, such as workshops, world cafés, summer schools, conferences, panel discussions, lectures, etc.

FAN encourages young people to become active agents in their societies.
We give students and young professionals the opportunity to engage in our activities and to be involved in shaping their society. We also encourage them to start their own initiatives and help them build the capacity to realize these ideas.

FAN enables young people to be part of the European Forum Alpbach.
We make it possible for students to take part in the European Forum Alpbach by fundraising for scholarships and promoting its ideas and activities.

We are also involved in the organization of the Forum in Alpbach and aim to strengthen the role of young people as speakers and active participants.


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