Forum 2020

Statement of the European Forum Alpbach:

Dear friends of the European Forum Alpbach!

Containing the Coronavirus pandemic is currently the greatest challenge to Austria and other nations. This requires special measures which also affect the European Forum Alpbach.

We are aware of the restrictions by the Austrian Federal Government that apply to large events throughout the summer of 2020 and certainly adhere to these important measures.

Given the uncertainty awaiting us and the rest of the world after Corona we believe, it is crucial to be the forum for scientific analysis, big ideas and an open space for reflection and debate.

The European Forum Alpbach takes place from 23 August to 3 September. All information on the programme and tickets can be found at

Our top priority is the health of the participants, our staff and the many volunteers who support the Forum every year and make it possible in the first place.

This year’s European Forum Alpbach is primarily an online event. In addition to the digital events, “Alpbach Hubs” organize their own physical events worldwide. Participation in the events that take place at the Alpbach Hub, i.e. in the Congress Centre, is unfortunately not possible this year. This year, only people who are directly involved in the EFA and who have been explicitly invited can be present in Alpbach.

All events will take place under the necessary safety precautions. The European Forum Alpbach is in close coordination with the local authorities in Alpbach and local health facilities.

Health and Safety Prevention Measures

  • Admission without exception ony for pre-registered, invited contributors
  •  Shorter pauses in order to avoid accumulations
  • Increased disinfection measures (door handles, tables, microphones)
  • Reduction of movement within the event location, guided visitor flows through controlled hall access
  • Seats must be assigned and there must be a distance of at least 1 meter between the seats
  • Low spatial overlap of visitor groups and as little direct contact between groups of visitors as possible
  • Sufficient ventilation possibilities
  • Avoidance of interactive exhibition or entertainment elements
  • Avoidance of staying away from the assigned seats

We are currently developing a concept together with the CCA with the following contents:

  • Regulations for the control of visitor flows
  • Hygiene requirements on site
  • Rules of conduct in case of a SARS-CoV-19 infection
  • Regulations concerning the use of sanitary facilities
  • Regulations concerning the administration of food and drink

Seminar week and scholarship programme

After expert consultation, we decided that in regards to the Scholarship Programme, a participation of scholarship holders living outside of Austria would be very difficult to realise.
Hence, the Seminar Week and the Scholarship Programme will not take place in the way we used to know it. Instead, we are going to make use of the opportunity to offer a variety of digitally accessible events which will take place all over the world and will be organised by the international Forum Alpbach Network.

We cannot imagine a forum without young voices and also the presence, perspectives and ideas of our international scholarship holders will be missed painfully. We are looking forward to meeting successful applicants, who are prevented from joining us this year, in 2021.

In spite of the current challenges, Alpbach shall remain a „window into the world“. Therefore, we are looking into ways to make Alpbach come to life for you wherever you are.

In order to find joint solutions to current challenges, we must build on the fundamentals of democracy, European unity, solidarity and dialogue. These fundamentals have guided the activities of the European Forum Alpbach for the past 75 years. We thank you for your patience and your trust. Let us stay strong together, help those in need and show the world what the Village of Thinkers is made of. The European Forum Alpbach is not “just” a conference. Alpbach is, wherever you are and wherever you act in the spirit of a united Europe and a solidary world.

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