FAN C Programme

The Forum Alpbach Network Committee (FAN C) is responsible for organisational and logistical aspects of the cultural and social programme for the over 700 scholarship holders, including fireside talks, hikes, discussions, film screenings, and parties. The responsibility rotates between the different Clubs and Initiative Group of the Network.

One of our main events at the EFA20 is the traditional 24 h Reading, which will take place from noon (12 am) on August, 27th to noon of August, 28th.
This year we will read George Orwell’s master piece “1984”, a dystopian utopia about life in a completely surveilled world. Orwells visions expressed in terms, such as Big Brother, alternative facts and thoughtcrime, have not lost any relevance over the past 71 years.

We would appreciate it highly, if you could spread the word about this event, or maybe even join yourself!
Might be that this book and the diversity among the scholarship holders will spark some interesting discussions in the FAN booth after the event… 🙂

How to join?
Simply volunteer to read a piece (10 min reading time) of the book by picking a time slot in our sign up list or join the event as an observer!
We also created a small manual for you with some more information and instructions on how to prepare your performance during the reading.

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