FAN Ambassadors


Founded in 2015, the FAN (Forum Alpbach Network – the network of all Clubs and IGs; and now your network!) Ambassador Programme was created with the aim of encouraging people from all over the world to join the FAN and to spread the spirit of Alpbach globally. FAN Ambassadors work in their regions of residence to inform people about the opportunity to apply for a scholarship to the European Forum Alpbach by hosting events, giving talks or creating and sharing webpages.

Who is a FAN ambassador?

One like yourself, the proactive, dedicated young professional who had the opportunity to participate at the European Forum Alpbach and experience all the perks that EFA scholarship offers.

For more information about the Alpbach scholarship programme, please visit:

What’s the agenda?

A FAN Ambassador is actively spreading the word about European Forum Alpbach, targeting those who would benefit from such an event and who would bring value to the EFA pool of ideas. Get together with young professionals and students from your city or region and bring the spirit of Alpbach to your region.

Tasks throughout the year:

Spreading the word about the Alpbach scholarship programme (February-March):

  • Hosting events (information about the Alpbach scholarship programme, FAN, and EFA; talks and discussions)
  • Reaching out:
    • Contacting Universities (e.g. international offices) and student unions in order to inform them about the Alpbach scholarship programme/spread the scholarship flyer and posters
    • Promoting the scholarship programme via social media (e.g via your Facebook network, students’ Facebook pages, associations’ networks etc.)
    • Promoting the scholarship programme via traditional media, e.g. local newspapers, radio stations or television.

Supporting (potential) first time scholarship holders:

  • Being available to answer questions about the application process
  • Organizing a pre-Alpbach meeting or call in order to prepare scholarship holders from your region for Alpbach (answer organizational questions etc.). In order to reach out to them, EFA will connect you to scholarship holders from your region.

Cooperating with EFAF’s (European Forum Alpbach Foundation – they fundraise, give out scholarships and support Clubs and IGs for their scholarships) Alpbach Buddies:

  • Joining a pre-Alpbach call or hangout with the coordinator of our buddy programme in order to create synergies for Alpbach

2. In case that you are granted a returner scholarship – tasks in Alpbach:

  • Joining a pre-Alpbach info session with EFAF and the coordinator of the Alpbach Buddy Programme (Alpbach Buddies are returning scholarship holders that support an assigned group of first-time scholarship holders before and during the Forum)
  • Supporting first-time scholarship holders from your region/country in person and connecting them via social media, maybe host a gathering during the first days
  • Host a gathering with the members of your group during the first days
  • Attend regular meetings organized by the Foundation
  • Supporting EFAF events for first time scholarship holders
  • Joining FAN networking events, e.g. “how to get involved”
  • Optional: Organizing fireside talks or other events

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