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Burst the Bubble!


Have you ever truly engaged in conversation with a liberal? With a believer? With an atheist? With a conservative? With a person with disabilities? A refugee? A person who does not identify as man or as woman? Have you ever met someone who grew up in an utterly different way than you did?

Have you ever wondered whose voices aren’t heard in Alpbach? We have. This is how we came up with our motto, which is at the same time our goal as Standing Committee 2018: Burst the Bubble!

We want to help establishing a culture of true openness, reaching out to the people we do not understand, that we could so easily avoid talking to. We dare to start a conversation with who is so irritatingly, fascinatingly different. How? Scroll down and see for yourself! 


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International Evening


Date: 17.08.2018

Time: 20:00 – 22:00

Place: Congress Center Alpbach, Elisabeth-Herz-Kremenak-Saal

The International Evening is the key event for all scholarship holders and aims at showing the diversity among the scholarship holders at the Forum. It should create an atmosphere of exchange through self-elaborated projects that a few of you will present in front of all the other 700 scholarship holders. The creative potential of all scholarship holders will be the basis for this year’s International Evening, regardless of your (cultural or social) background.



Voguing Workshop


Date: 24. & 25.08.2018

Time: 15:00 – 17:30 / 9:00 – 11:30

Place: Feuerwehrhaus

Voguing isn’t just a dance but a stand against exclusion and intolerance. Men imitate women and women imitate men that imitate women. The highly stylized, modern house dance originated in the late 1980s in Harlem, New York City. Katrin Blantar and Karin Cheng will bring the art of voguing to Alpbach and let us participate in it.



Drag King Workshop


Date: 27.08.2018

Time: 13:00 – 19:00

Place: Volksschule

Why is gender-crossing an interesting exercise for breaking some social rules? What can drag performance teach, and what aesthetic, political, and personal questions does it raise? 

During the “Drag King workshop” you will have the opportunity to answer these questions by building a political laboratory for generating collectively the experience of the constructed and arbitrary dimension of our gender. A space to share and explore what we take as fundamental or stable in our identities (sex, gender, sexuality) as cultural and political constructions. You will go through the decomposition of the learned action or behaviours in basic units and review them as cultural signs of gender dimension. This workshop can a space for reflection, for empowering and for exploring your male/female side.

The workshop is open for everyone female-identified!

If possible bring male clothing with you!



Vernissage “Give Alpbach a Face”


Date: 22.08.2018

Time: 16:00 – 18:00

Place: Volksschule Alpbach

Each year young people from all around the world get together in Alpbach to discuss questions of our future. But what about the actual habitants of the small alpine village? To build a bridge between the local population and us, the Forum’s participants, it was our ambition to strengthen the dialogue and even more: Give Alpbach a Face! In cooperation with the elementary school, the secondary school and the United Nations Information Service Vienna, we organized different workshops for the youngest „Alpbacher“. In a lesson about the Sustainable Development Goals, the kids got insight into topics that we are covering at the Forum. During a photography workshop the kids had the chance to show their view of home – Alpbach from their perspective. You are invited to see all the results at our Vernissage, get in touch with local people and experience another, even „realer“ Alpbach!



Strangers on a Gondola – Begegnung am Berg


Date: 22.08.2018

Time: to be announced

Place: Wiedersbergerhornbahn, Talstation




MyEurope – My Story


Date: 25.08.2018

Time: 13:00 – 16:00

Place: Hauptschule, Turnsaal

As a scholarship holder of the European Forum Alpbach, you have the unique opportunity to gain knowledge and broaden your horizon. But do you have the courage to leave your bubble and challenge others for a discussion outside of the safe space of Alpbach?

Together with the European Parliament’s Information Office in Austria, the European Forum Alpbach is hosting a storytelling workshop to help you sharpen your tools to discuss a European issue that you are passionate about.  Animal protection, climate change, entrepreneurship – you name the topic, we help you start a discourse on how a united Europe plays a role in achieving it!

On the occasion of the upcoming European Parliamentary elections: let’s share our our individual stories, let’s discuss about a united Europe!



Diversity Study


Date: to be announced

Time: to be announced

Place: to be announced

Due to this year’s topic of the European Forum Alpbach „Diversity and Resilience“, we will engage in a lot of discussions and workshops with the term “diversity”. When we are talking about this particular term, shouldn’t we have a sense of how diverse the Forum Alpbach participants are themselves?

To find out, we invited our scholarship holders to participate in our diversity study! This study will give us a glimpse into the diversity of the scholarship holders of the European Forum Alpbach 2018 and  will help us determine who is able to actively participate in discussions and which groups are underrepresented or not heard at all.

The outcome of the study will be presented here and at the International Evening!



FAN Reception


Date: 21.08.2018

Time: 18:00 – 21:00

Place: Hallenbad, Wiese



Diving into Diversity – the Alpbach Parties


Date: 18., 22. & 30.08.2018

Time: 21:00 – late

Place: Inneralpbach, Festhütte

Have you ever heard of the legendary Alpbach parties but you couldn’t find them in the official programme? That’s what the Standing Committee is for! It is known that the easiest and quickest way to get to know new people after a long day is in a relaxed environment and most likely, with a beer in your hand. Take the shuttle bus and join us at the Festhütte in Inneralpbach where we are organising three parties for you in cooperation with FAN and the Austrian Alpbach Clubs. You can continue heated debates of a seminar or simply tell someone who you wanted to win this years World Cup but the most important thing is – have fun!

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