Become FAN Ambassador

How to return to the Village of Thinkers / The Forum Alpbach Network / How to become an Ambassador or establish a Club

We, the Forum Alpbach Network (FAN) together with the European Forum Alpbach Foundation will be hosting a session about the various ways for you to become a part of our Alpbach Family and the different possibilities to engage yourself with EFA. We will talk about the FAN network, the various clubs and the ambassador program.

We will be hearing from newly (re-)established clubs about their challenges, as well as some stories from Ambassadors from around the world as well as hear from some long-established clubs about their day-to-day experience.

Alpbach can be very confusing, there are many different names and programs, vehicles and institutions in its vicinity. Let’s make them clear to you, so that you know everything you need if you want to become a member of our network and return to Alpbach.

Topics of discussion:
– What is the Forum Alpbach Network?
– How to become an Alpbach Ambassador and spread the spirit of Alpbach in your local communities?
– How to establish an Alpbach club in your region?

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